• Sell, distribute, offers as giveaway, graphics to 3rd parties or persons (except if it is a part of your design).
  • Share or sell or claim our graphic that you work.
  • Use graphics for any of generators/makers (banner, business, banner, button and etc. generators), print on demand and similar.
  • Use graphics for SPAM, websites with illegal activity and crime websites, websites for illegal business and any similar whey and similar things.
  • Use purchased item(s) to claim, resell, sell, rent, transfer, distribute or redistribute or offer as giveaway.
  • Include “as is” purchased items with separate or included downloadable item in your theme files intended for sale in marketplaces.
  • Use a purchased item in your logo and or trademark it or branding.
  • Modify the purchased items and put them up for sale or distribution, redistribute, resale, sale, claim, transfer or offer as giveaway. Example, you can tweak an icon set as per your design or something similar, but you cannot put the icons set itself up for sale or distribution or any similar way.
Sharing rules YOU CAN’T:
  • Sharing files from is possible only like post or page, NOT like direct link for download.
  • Share items (screenshot, simple image) at your web site without hyper linking to the original page at
  • Share items and full size backgrounds at your web site.
  • Edit graphics to get copyright on it.
  • Use hotlinks to the items.
  • Use for public usage
  • Use for non-profit public.

After this rules you can use items for personal use.

Non-profit organizations

You want to use graphics from in a non-profit projects (church, school, some other projects), just contact me and let me know where/how you want to use put items.

Commercial Use

All items on Protium design are allowed for using in commercial purposes if you donate. After that you have rights on this:

  • Commercial projects
  • Editing graphics
  • Personal projects
  • Non-profit projects
  • And similar projects
  • Applications – Android, iOS, desktop, Linux, etc.
  • Print – posters, corporate identities, books, flyers, magazines, billboards, brochures…
  • Web – web design and development, UI, banners, backgrounds, patterns…
  • TV – clips, ads, shows, documentary, movies, music videos, etc.

Protium Design Terms of Use.